Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Christmas is coming.................

I always try and start to get ready for Christmas early but somehow it never works out that way. I did start buying a few bits and pieces every time I did a food shop, I always look for things on offer and things that we are not going to start eating before the Christmas festivities start. So far a box of Roses chocolates and one bottle of wine have not made it to the Christmas festivities! The Christmas mugs and plate have come out of the sideboard and are now being used. I love Emma Bridgewater pottery and I am slowly building up a little collection.

Last week we visited Chatsworth House (www.chatsworth.org) in Derbyshire to see the house decorated for Christmas. this year the theme is Wind on the Willows. I adore this story, it is one of my very favourites. The house was not a disappointment at all it really was magical and it really got us into the Christmas spirit. They have a new booking system so the house doesn't get to crowded when you visit. We booked our time in advance and it was worth it, no queuing and we got to have a good look at everything without feeling rushed or crushed.

    Mole is my favourite character, I love his personality and how he finds himself becoming brave.

Carol Singers 

Delivering Christmas Gifts

I want a front door like this.

Hedgehogs warming themselves by the fire

Naughty Mr Toad

Oh no poor Mr Toad

Any washing?

A naughty weasel, I love his hand knitted jumper

Champagne anyone?

After looking around the house we had a wintry walk in the beautiful gardens before having a gorgeous meal in one of the restaurants within the grounds. a cheeky glass of Prosecco was in order!

Leading the way to the dance

                                      I just had to take a photo of roots of this beautiful tree

                                        A beautiful greenhouse, the iron work is so glorious

                       Two elegant people walking through the grounds looking very stylish

                                                              It is Christmas after all!

Since leaving nursing and starting my little business I have been busy sewing and making lots of little things of loveliness. I had a little stall recently at a Christmas fete at a local school so I got busy and made some Christmas tree decorations. I love snowmen so I couldn't resist making some using Little Joys fabric from Penny Roses fabrics. I have a few left so I am going to add them to my new Etsy shop this week.

                                                 Snowmen Christmas tree decorations

 The day after Chatsworth House we decided to put up our very own Christmas tree decorations, sadly they are not on par with Chatsworth House but we love them all the same.

Fairy lights always make me smile.

Well that's all for today, I have some bunting to make and cards to write, presents to wrap...............