Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Hello, I have finally got round to blogging, its only taken about 6 years to do it! I am Sally, and have said goodbye to nursing and I am following my dream of working in the world of sewing, fabric, patchwork and quilting. I sew everyday and decided after twenty years of nursing to try a fresh start. I have the wonderful support of my husband Stu and we have a lovely little cocker spaniel Mabel, hence the name of our online fabric shop
 You me and Mabel. On this blog I will be posting lots about sewing and what I have made, I will be posting a little about our life, I don't want to bore you too much and I will keep you updated with what fabric has come into our little shop. I follow lots of talented folks blogs and have decided to be brave and join the blog world. You can find our shop, You me and Mabel and we are also on Instagram and Facebook. I would love to read any comments and love sharing sewing ideas and tips. Thank You, I'm off for a cup of tea now